Winter jam 2017

  Winter Jam is a new Shag event especially for juniors.  Don’t miss all the fun.  Jr SOS is one of the biggest and best dance events in the country.  In fact, we believe it is the largest junior dance event in the world.  But once Jr SOS is over no one wants to wait a full year to give the juniors another great time to dance at the beach.  Now Sam and Lisa West are hosting Winter Jam! There will be workshops, lots of opportunities for social dancing, couples competition, exhibitions and more.  

Winter Jam will be held at the OD Resort.  There are great room rates during the winter.  Call the hotel to reserve your room .  843-249-1436

Join us for all the fun! 

Download a registration form and a flyer at the bottom of this page.

Winter Jam 2017 (tentative)


December 8-10, 2017   

Fa La La La Friday 

6:00pm Registration Open                 Spanish Galleon
7:00pm Early Bird Workshops  

       Inter/Adv with Scott Campbell
       Novice with Sam West
8:00pm   Winter Jam Activities
Midnight Galleon Closes 

Saturday 10:00am 

Registration Opens                                 Spanish Galleon
10:30am Workshops  

     Inter/Adv with Jackson Batten
     Novice Lead Follow with Sam West
11:15am Workshop  

     Inter/Adv with Scott Campbell and Mandy Holt Roberts
     Novice Pivot with Miss Susan and Miss Pat
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:45pm  Fat Harold’s Opens                Fat Harold’s
2:00pm  Mini Workshop 

      Girls with Autumn Jones  

      Guys with Scott Campbell
2:30pm  Mini Workshop 

       Everybody with Sam West
3:00pm  Social Dancing, Jack and Jill, Mixers
4:00pm   Pick Your Partner Showcase
5:00pm  Dinner Break
7:00pm   Back Room at Fat Harold’s Opens
8:00pm Competition Begins             Fat Harold’s
  Junior I Novice
  Junior II Novice
  Junior I Advanced
  Junior II Advanced


10:00am Workshop Reviews and Dancing         Fat Harold’s
11:00am  Shag Mixer- I Love Beach Music with Sam and Lisa West
12:30pm    Dismiss      


Dance DivisionsDivisions for Competitive Couples

Novice Couples Jr I and II    Free Entry  Never placed 1-3 in Nationals or Grand Nationals Or less than 3 years competitive experience  2:00-3:00 minute dance  Dancers select music  Solo format

Advanced Couples Jr I and II    Free Entry  Have placed 1-3 in Nationals or Grand Nationals
Or 3 or more years competitive experience
            2:00-3:00 minute dance
Dancers select music
Solo format 

Opportunities for Individual Dancers (Those without competitive partners)

Fun Jack and Jill (Mixed Doubles)      Free Entry
Enter as an individual not a couple
All ages and levels eligible to participate    
Pick Your Partner Showcase    Free Entry  All levels  Dancers choose their teacher, friend, or relative to dance with  Heated Format